SEO = Get Found on the internet 

You want your website  to attract the right visitors who will convert to customers and increase sales. 

Everyone wants to be on the front page in search results. But most websites  never attain that status. In fact, too many excellent businesses and beautiful websites are lost and not found because they have not done the work required to show up well in search engine results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is doing all the things that need to be done for your website to be placed early in organic search results.

Google has over 200 algorithyms for prioritizing websites. This means there are 200 ways of identifying if your website is important enough to list first or at least to list early in Google search results. They keep these algorithyms to themselves and they are continually refining them, which means the rules change constantly.

Oldstyle blackhat SEO tricks that once were used to trick Google, today may get you banned altogether from search results. Today the best SEO and the best way to get listed early and even possibly on the first page is to build a quality professional, real content website with real value for your visitors.

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Complete SEO done by

Choosing a website domain name,  www or no www?  identiying relevent keywords,  building important keywords into H1, H2, H3 etc, content, page titles, meta descriptions, server configuration, website weight and loading speed, caching, image optimization  image alt tags  page compression, search engine submission by hand, sitemaps, menus, robot txt files for follow and no follow, search engine indexing, multi-language search optimization, 301 permanent redirects, custom 404 pages, proper w3 coding, internal and external link verification, building quality backlinks, removing harmful backlinks, working with important referrers, website analytics and reports, adjusting for customer search behaviour, Google page ranking, Alexa website ranking, DMOZ category and description, search engine short descriptions, microdata, minifying, tags....