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Our client Bon Air Fabrication, Inc. recently achieved the following website performance scores:









Bon Air Fabrication manufactures filters for industrial dust collector systems.


1. Pingdom - Overall Website Performance Score

99/100 Performance Grade

Pingdom, one of the most respected website performance evaluation tools, evaluates all aspects of how a website is built. To access an overall score, they evaluate not just the loading speed and image optimization but also website and browser caching and compression, cookies placement, server settings, image compression, and several other factors.


2. SER (Search Engine Results) - First Page Results on Google, Yahoo, Bing searches

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First Page Search Engine Results

Google Search:  filtres Industriels

Google Search:  filtres dépoussiéreurs

Google Search:  bag filters Quebec

Google Search: cartouches filtrants Québec

Google Search:  industrial filters Quebec

Google Search:  cartouches filtrantes

Bing Search:  dust collector filter bags Quebec

Google Search:  Bon Air Fabrication

3. Alexa Rank

According to Bon Air Fabrication's original rank was over 8 million. 

Within four months, our client reached a world ranking of less than 450,000.

450,000 Top Websites in the World

    9,000 Top Websites in Canada

4. W3 Strict Code Compliance

The website was built using the following programming languages: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and jQuery and with Bootstrap, Joomla and Artisteer.

0 Critical Errors

5. SEO Score

All images were optimized and have alt tags, no broken links, all pages have titles and meta tag descriptions, H1 to H6 title tags, connical redirects for non www, robot follow and no-follow scripts submitted, indexed with webmaster tools and XML site maps submitted.

100% SEO Score

6. Mobile and Tablet ready Responsive Design

Websites in the past developed separate websites for mobile users. Today, Google gives higher SEO ranking for websites that are built as single websites with responsiveness built in.

100% Responsive Design

Best in Their Industry - Performance Summary

Performance Summary

Performance Category
Avergage Industry Score
Highest Competitor's Score
Bon Air Fabrication Score
Our Client's - Result
Overall Website Score 72% 82% 99% Highest
SER Ranking varied Occasional First Page First Page Highest
Alexa Rank 3,500,00 800,000 450,000 Highest
W3 Code Compliance several critical errors broken links 0 Critical Errors Best
SEO Score various unknown 100% Best
Shows well in Mobile and Tablet no no yes The first in their industry

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5web takes pride in building beautiful professional websites and in attaining the highest website performance scores. 

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