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Understanding your company and your goals is how we start website design

Here is How You Can Get Started


  1. Schedule a phone conversation with us here
  2. Give us some background about your company and let us know what you need and are interested in here


Our goal is to understand as much as we can about your business and industry so that we can design a website that puts your best image out to the public.

What type of website would you like and what do you want your website to accomplish?

  • One or two page Identity, business card or brochure style?
  • Interactive Business
  • tablet and smartphone friendly responsibe design?
  • Bi-lingual or Multi-lingual
  • eCommerce with Marketplace?


Our developed Approach is as follows:

  1. First Meeting. What would you like your website to do? What colour and design elements would best describe your business?
  2. Learn about your business, how it works, who your customers are, who our competitors are, your goals and your strengths.
  3. Proposal. Possibly a mock up of what your website could look like along with a proposal of what we will do for you, the time frame required and the projected benefits and results.
  4. Keyword research. Study your competitors and your customers. Preliminary website layout and design.
  5. Take photographs and prepare images and content.
  6. Review
  7. Plan 'Go Live' including email configuring.
  8. Check website on performance testing websites to determine any adjustments or corrections needed.
  9. Set up Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. Hand submit website to major search engines.
  10. Identify and develop quality backlinks.
  11. Maintain the website and upgrade software as required as well as occasional image or content changes.


After our initial discovery meeting and discussions, we will provide you with a full proposal detailing the stages, items to be completed and time frames expected. We usually work with a fixed all inclusive project fee to complete the website so that our clients will know exactly how much the project will cost and will not receive any big surprises.

What we won't do is offer a low cost teaser and then escallate the cost through charging extra for each additional item.

We will provide you with a fixed project fee and we will describe in a detailed proposal what that will include.

Website Packages


One or two page Identity


Total cost:  $500 to $1000


Interactive Business


Total cost:  $5,000 to $10,000


Bilingual Interactive Business


Total cost:  $7,000 to $15,000




Total cost:  $9,000 to $25,000