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Reach new customers 

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with these three marketing packages.

Digital Marketing





Marketing Package


Get set up right with a good base marketing system.






 Marketing Package


Measure, adjust, refine and improve your marketing results.






Marketing Package 


Be better than great, beat your competitors and grab more market share.



As part of your website design package, we will include all the basic marketing you need to establish your web presence and get found on search engines. Then, we recommend that you sign up for our maintenance program to continuously improve your marketing results. 

To make the most of your internet opportunity sign, up for our strategic enhanced marketing package and implement a comprehensive corporate digital marketing strategy including planning and measurement systems essential to your future success and profit improvement.

1. Basic - Website Marketing Package

As part our complete Website Design package, we include getting started right with website marketing as follows:

  • Backlink development
  • Registry with important industry referrers including Google Places
  • Social media links such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter
  • Set up in Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and Google Adwords
  • Keyword development and placement
  • SEO

For more comprehensive Marketing development we offer a separate Digital Marketing Package and Performance Measurement Systems Consulting.


2. Continuous - Website Maintenance Marketing Package

As soon as your website is up and running we recommend you immediately begin your website Maintenance program. The first three months especially will require more extensive work to Measure, adjust, refine and improve your marketing results.

Some of the additional marketing tools and efforts included in this package are:

  • Google Analytics custom reporting
  • Landing page A/B testing and adjustment
  • Social media page building and enhancement
  • Keyword importance measurement and SEO adjustment with the new keywords
  • Continued backlink development
  • Evaluation of Pay per Click or paid adwords requirement and development

For more comprehensive Marketing development we offer a separate Digital Marketing Package and Performance Measurement Systems Consulting.


3. Strategic -  Enhanced Website Marketing Package

For companies serious about being more competitive through internet marketing we offer a more comprehensive marketing package. This 'stand alone' package may incorporate various initiatives for PULL or incoming marketing and PUSH or outgoing marketing. 




PULL Marketing

Enhance SEO efforts through adding more:

  • Backlink development
  • Registry with important industry referrers including Google Places
  • Social media page development such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter
  • Set up in Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and Google Adwords
  • Keyword development and placement
  • SEO
  • Videos
  • Article placement
  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • On-line Press Releases
  • On-line surveys
  • RSS feeds


PUSH Marketing

Reach out to customers with:


  • Pay per click Adwords
  • Banners
  • Developing email and mailing lists and LEADS Base
  • Permission based EMAIL Campaigns
  • Special promotions




Do you have a Digital Marketing Strategy?

A Digital Marketing Strategy will support and enhance your corporate marketing strategy by defining where to focus your digital marketing efforts. The results available and the action steps required along with the resources and budget allocated will make up the Strategy for optimizing the opportunities the internet and digital world provide. 

The Strategy will answer the questions: "How can we increase sales through internet marketing? and What do we need to do to achieve these sales?".

The first step begins with setting up a Digital Marketing STRATEGY. This requires learning and understanding the company's current marketing strategy and actions as well as results. This requires researching and understanding your customers and your competitors along with your industry market potential. Your digital marketing strategy will answer questions such as what results you want to create, which digital interfaces would be most beneficial to achieving these results, and other parameters such as scope, time frames, results measurements, level of involvement and of course, allocated budgets.

The first step will be to understand your company's current marketing efforts and then develop a digital or online marketing STRATEGY with an allocated budget for development and execution.


Analyse   Strategy   Deployent Plan   Execution   Follow-up   Reporting   Adjustment and Refinement  (draw a circular flow).

Here is More Information

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a term used to describe marketing efforts for each digital interface encountered with a customer. This includes email marketing, social media marketing, tablet and cell phone apps development, and determining how to better use every form of digital communication to involve potential customers and promote your marketing message. 

Using Analytics it is possible to better understand who the customer is that you are attracting and how to use this information to reach and attract the right customer for your product. Digital Marketing encompasses an ever increasing knowledge initiative and is at the forefront of the competition for all major companies looking to keep and increase their customer base and profits. Digital Marketing has been around for a long time but today it is the fastest growing area with the changing way in which people use computers, cell phones and social media.

Digital Marketing requires a corporate strategy for integrating on-line digital intiatives with current in-house marketing programs. It involes push and pull marketing efforts focussed on improving each customer experience with a personalized one on one message, offering and attraction.

Developing a Digital Marketing Strategy begins first with understanding current digital marketing efforts, current customer needs and interests and company goals.

The first step is to ensure the basics of internet marketing are in place and understanding their effect. These include:

  • Ensuring that SEO set ups are working, the right keywords are in place and search engine placement is high for the right keywords being used to search for you product or service.
  • Developing cutomized reporting for Google Analytics and Google Adwords campaigns.
  • Ensuring all social media interfaces are being used properly and are achieving desired results
  • evaluating the use of Google Adwords,

The next step is to put in place key indicators to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of digital marketing efforts and costs. This would enable data collection to begin to answer the following questions:

  • Are you spending the right amount of money and time?
  • Are you spending it on the right things?
  • Are you spending it efficiently and effectively?
  • How can you benchmark and improve payback?

Performance Measurement Systems

5Web specializes in designing and implementing Performance Measurement Systems. We design a complete management system with elements and key indicators to plan and report marketing and operating performance. These systems always more than pay for themselves with the profit improvement they generate through increased sales and reduced expenses. 

For more information on how you can benefit from a Performance Measurement System see Consulting.


What is measured, improves - Peter Drucker 

We Create Digital Performance Marketing Measurement Systems



Basic Digital Marketing involves:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search engines submissions
  • Backlinks and registry with top referrers
  • Landing page and calls to action


Enhanced Digital Marketing requires:

  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Keyword effectiveness
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Adwords, banner ad placement
  • Paid vs Organic
  • Custom Analytic Reports
  • A/B testing



Digital Marketing Performance Measurement Systems

  • Effort and Results
  • Review corporate marketing strategy and effectiveness
  • Integrate Digital Marketing Strategy with corporate marketing program
  • Design and Implement Digital Performance Measurement Systems
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly reports on planning and results
  • tracking effectiveness of efforts and results
  • Extend reach to current, past and future customers

We would be glad to discuss with you the possibilities that Digital Marketing can bring you.


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Right now at this moment, someone is searching on the internet. Will they find you? And, if they find you are you proud of how your website represents you. Or, is it time to update your web presence and use the internet as your web salesperson. 

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