5Web is a full service website design and marketing shop in Montreal and Toronto, Canada.

5web is affiliated with Saldan Consulting Group, Inc. a Canadian corporation, established in 1991. Our servers are located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and are maintained 24 hours a day in state of the art temperature controlled high security facilities.

In short, we are hard working, respectful people who won't quit until we have delivered success for our clients.


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What We Do

5web will do everything you need to develop your professional web  presence. 

We design websites, host and optimize them on our fast servers, develop marketing and search engine optimization and maintain and enhance their success. 

Additionally, we offer profit improvement consulting for companies that want to benefit from comprehensive marketing strategy development and implementation and operations perfomance systems improvement.


Website Design   -   Marketing   -   Maintenance   -   and  Consulting

Where We Come From

systems design5web is a new digital design, marketing and consulting company with roots developed in over 20 years of corporate Management Consulting. Our goal has always been to save our clients' money and find new sources of income through Marketing and Operating Performance Improvement Systems. Our experience is in designing and implementing change and improvement programs in million and billion dollar companies all across North America.

Today, we realize the growing importance of having a strong web presence and industry leading digital marketing performance and measurement systems to the future growth and success of all commercial businesses. This is especially and increasingly important not just for large corporations but also for small to medium size businesses. 

We want to help companies get a better shot at making it in the new digital marketing frontier. We want to help companies be more successful today and in the future. And, we believe a large part of future success will come from new or better marketing systems for sustained sales growth in all digital touch points with current and potential customers.

We believe in the power of a professional website that can deliver the results our clients need. It is exciting for us to see our clients come up first in Google and other search engines for their key search terms. It is more exciting to know that our landing pages are encouraging potential customers to become involved and to build future long term relationships.


Who We Are?


Ross Saldan is the principle of 5web.ca. He is a professional engineer skilled in designing cutting edge new systems for marketing and operations improvement. In his engineering career Mr. Saldan has been successful in saving hundreds of thousands of dollars for every client he has ever worked with. He created and ran his own management consulting firm for over 23 years and at the same time trained strength athletes to reach top 20 all time historical rankings in powerlifting.

As an engineer with a good eye for design, Ross Saldan has been involved in the full process of develping a professional web presence. He has produced websites that have hit top scores in the industry and has done all the development stages himself, including design, photography, graphics, programing, SEO development, web marketing and server administration and maintenance.



truths birdieSome of our Truths and Beliefs

Over the many years of our experience some things change and some don't. What hasn't changed and still remains important to us as a way of doing business is the following:

  1. Do what is best for the client. Anytime there is a choice or decision to be made, put it in perspective of "what is best for the client" and the decision will be more clear.
  2. Respect for all people. It is our basic belief in work and in life. By having respect for all people, we realize that every person may have some valuable input and can add to finding solutions. Respect also is in the belief that our clients have been in their business for many years and their experience is very valuable no matter whether they are the President and CEO or an entry level support person or office worker. Everyone has something to contribute, everyone works hard and faces several obstacles and everyone wants to be successul.
  3. Data will speak to you. By collecting enough of the right information and data, the answers, decisions or required strategies will be more clear. Conversely, if we are confused, it's because we don't have enough of the right information. Data can also be overwhelming if you don't know what you are looking for. For us it is very important to early on understand and develop what are Key Volume Indicators (KVI's) for each business and company. What are the important numbers and ratios that identify the success of the company.
  4. Being confused and overwhelmed is part of the process of discovering the solution. A certain period of confusion and feeling that "there is no answer to this" is almost always part of delving into the working of a company and a necessary step in finding a way out. Getting into the clutter is where the answer is.
  5. Everyone wants to be more successful. Success is a very powerful motivator. Achieving instant and small successes along the way keeps a project alive and exciting.
  6. Strategy is a top down directive, but is developed from the bottom up. It's the ability to see the forest by first understanding the trees.
  7. Creativity and colaboration have their place in developing the right path to more efficient solutions and results.
  8. Understanding the change process and how to implement change is very important.Underestimating, lack of planning and communication are the biggest reasons for failure when implementing change.
  9. Developing systems ensures quality and consistency and is imperitive for sustained success. Companies that fail, most likely do not have developed systems in place and people do not know what is expected of them.

We are hard working, respectful people who won't quit until we have delivered success for our clients.