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A great website deserves to be kept great. 

All the reasons for creating or updating your website are the same reasons why it is important to maintain and further improve your website.


 Website Maintenance 

3 Things Website Maintenance can provide


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Keep it 

secure and working

  • Regularly backup website and database
  • Instal updates to the system programs and extentions with each new release
  • Ensure all security is updated


A data based content management system website is always changing. All the programs and structure that it was built on are continuously being upgraded to maintain integrity and security. The first step in any maintenace program is to make sure that all update releases are installed and the website is working well after the updates. This of course means backing up the website content and databases regularly.


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Keep and improve 

SEO and Marketing

  • Monitor effectiveness of keywords
  • Customize Analytics programs to contuously report on key indicators that are important to your website success
  • Add and refresh new content and new features such as videos, social networking pages
  • Develop new important backlinks

Achievements of a great website will not stand still. Two things will happen: Search engines will change their algorithyms frequently and your competitors will strive to reach higher rankings. Both these events could push you down lower in your search engine rankings if your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts are not continued. Keep and improve your high search engine rankings by continuously adding content and features to your website that are valued by search engines and your website visitors.


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Keep it looking 


  • Refresh the look and update some features to keep the professional look of your website up to date.
  • Save on redesign expenses every few years
  • Also, make minor changes to content to improve usability and effectiveness.

Websites today have an element of modern design and functionality to them, meaning they evolve with new impressive features and more interactivity. Without keeping up with this 'website fashion' your website can start to look dated fairly quickly. We can ensure against gradual obscelence by continuously updating your website with new and exciting features that will keep your visitors coming back.


Basic Minimum


Security   2 hours per month



Security    2 hours per month

SEO   6  hours per month

Keep it Modern    2  hours per month


Total   10 hours per month



Security    2 hours per month

SEO   12  hours per month

Keep it Modern    6 hours per month


Total    20+ hours per month

Modern websites require constant attention. Your professional business website more and more becomes the central hub of your marketing efforts. It requires the same or more amount of time and attention as your other marketing efforts.

Maintenance is as important to your website as eating and movement is to living. With no maintenance, your website will just sleep and will lose all it was made to be and eventually will get hacked and infected. Without maintenance your website will die.