5web Advantages:

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One easy to talk to person 

One person does everything you need, not a team of specialists. You can call one person and get an answer right away. This one person does all photography, graphics optimization, website design, website navigation, programming, server optimization and administration and website maintenance.

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Professional Approach

We do what we say we will do. Easy-going but very professional is how we work with our clients. It comes from a respect for our clients' knowledge, experience and time and from a lot of business experience ourselves. We have successfully worked with all levels of management from small business owners to CEO's, Presidents and Board of Directors of $billion companies.

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We Listen

We listen to understand your company, how it works, what makes it successful and what you want to accomplish. You have input into how your website is designed and presented. We involve you as much as you want to be involved.

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We Score the Highest Marks

Independant website test scores, Page Load Speed, W3 compliant coding and website world ranking are some of the measures we use to ensure you have the best website in the industry.

Based in Science icon

We are Based in Science

With an engineering background we can't help but see and build things scientifically. We study and analyse things down to the smallest detail. We take great pride in how your website is built, in all those things behind the scenes that people don't normally see.

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We Host on the Fastest Servers

  • Fast Solid State Hard Drives 
  • Optimized Litespeed servers, Linux OS with SQLi MariaDB and latest PhP and software updates
  • As much disk space and bandwidth as you need 

All optimized and programed to provide you with the fastest loading website.


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We Answer Your Calls

We are always just a phone call or email away. You will have a direct line to the person that is working on your website or marketing.

And we always answer our calls and respond quickly. I guess you could call that excellent customer service.

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We are Client Centered

We care alot about what we do and everything we do is always centered on what is best for our client. It doesn't matter what we think or want or how we like it, we will do it the way that is best for the client. We truly care. Our success is a happy client.


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