What about those websites for free offers? or $99 websites?

These may be appealing offers for some people. Why not? Let's take a look at how 'free' these websites are.

What are they?

First, understand that these are templates, which means you get a website that was already created as a general outline and you simply have to change the words to include your company name, your content and your pictures. Simple right? Not really. You still have to figure out what your message is and how you will present it, how many pages you will create, what you will write and what graphics you will include. Then, after you do all that, your website may look pretty good to you, but it will be the same website as hundreds of other people have. To those who know, it will stand out miles away as a square blocked standard template.

Secondly, your template will not be built to show up in search rankings, it will not have Search Engine Optimization built into it. This means that unless you give someone your exact website address, no one will be able to find your website. No visitors to your website.